Eco-building – Part 2: Is it possible to build a 10.000 €uro house, which can also be lived in during the winter?

The objective is to build a house in accordance with the regulations and norms of the European Union, while not costing more than 10.000 €. The materials to be used are stone, strawbales, material obtained from the thinning of a forest, recycled materials, clay and sand.

The calculation does not include:

  • The price of the lot.
  • The road to the lot.
  • Transport, i.e. the trasportation of the raw materials to the building site (varies remarkably and is case specific)
  • Supply of electricity and Internet to the site.
  • The building of possible machines and apparatus for construction.
  • The required inspection fees and similar fees of various regions (which vary remarkably according to region).
Picture: Tero Syvänen

Picture: Tero Syvänen

Included in the calculations are:

  • 70 sqm of heated space
  • 50 sqm of covered cold space
  • Water input/output, plumbing
  • The treatment of ‘black’ and ‘grey’ water
  • A composting toilet
  • Electrical instalments, made mainly up of a great number of sockets and lighting spots
  • The heating and ventilation system
  • [For the waterproofing of the roof, an approximate of 1000 € is intended to be allocated, but this information is slightly unsure]
  • Doors and windows
  • The facilities required for the kitchen
  • Shower facilities
  • Flooring
  • Paint and other material required for the decoration of the interior
  • A lot of work


From our three separate ’ProVillage’ -documents one gets a relatively clear idea about our project:

The documents can be found both in Finnish and in English.

The downloading might take a while, because the files have an approximate of 130 images.

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