ECO-BUILDING – PART 4: DIY and drawings – Artisan & craft-village project

These 3D-drawings are made by Tero Syvänen and are parts of our Artisan & Craft-village project. The band saw is incorporated with the project to manufacture lumber for construction purposes.

log band saw mill drawn by Tero Syvanen

The log bandsaw is a typical project of ours:

  • We make all drawings, through a lot of reading and writing 🙂
  • We build the bandsaw, using mostly recycled materials.
  • We test the bandsaw and make the improvements etc.
  • We re-draw the bandsaw and make all other drawings needed,  including all technical specifications, so that *anyone* can build a same kind of a saw.
  • Then we publish all these mentioned above –  on the Internet. Free for everyone.

The only thing we ask of those who build these, are photos, or videos about how the work  goes, improvements etc.

Log band saw mill Morningwood 2010 with two lasers drawn by Tero Syvänen

Log bandsaw with two lasers.

Artist home south view drawn by Tero Syvanen

The Artisan and Craftpersons village is made in parts as the project itself is relatively big.

The best way to find out about it, is to read/download our three pdf-files.

Artist house south-west view drawn byTero-Syvanen

Plan of the strawbale house

Cats upstairs loves straw-bale houses with soft curves

Cats at the veranda, second floor, at the artist’s straw-bale house

The front of the upper room, where the artisan is actually living.

You find more about our project by downloading our pdf-files. It can take some 10 seconds to download them, as the files contains about 130 pictures and drawings.

Even more drawings can be  found here:

Feel free to ask any questions or comment, in our (Finnish) blog, in your own language. Other languages that can be used (which our group understands):  English, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and Arabic.

Our group is interested in international cooperation in these questions.

Henry Björklid

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