Ecological band-saw
March 16, 2010, 20:37
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The ecological band-saw for logs

Comparing the ecological benefits of a self-made band-saw with a circular- or gang-saw.

– The band-saw needs a smaller electrical motor => less energy, even if it is not sawing as fast as the other types of saws.

– The thickness is more accurate for a band-saw, in realistic field conditions => the saw-worker does not need to add extra tolerances on each board.

– The kerf (the gap that the saw ‘eats’ making to saw-dust) is only 2 – 2,5 mm in a band-saw, and the other types of saws has a kerf of 5 – 6 mm. That means “an extra board of each log”.

– To saw big logs for some days, having a pile of big logs on one side of the mill, is not logistically difficult to do. And then having the small logs on the opposite side of the saw-mill, sawing them another day, means that you can easily change and plug a smaller saw-mill motor for those days.

– To obtain, store and change spare-parts is not a problem as long as you have been thinking about, and planned for, different situations from the beginning.

– The maintenance and sharping of band-saw-blades is easy.

What you need:

– Normal hand-tools + welding equipment

– to find the local Junkyard-Johnny

The rails (salvaged) and the foundation.

The rails (salvaged) and the foundation for them are very important.

The wagon-frame, (salvaged metal from Junkyard Johnny), has to be stabile. The wheels and ball bearings can be salvaged from any vehicle.

The elevator system has 2 steel-rods with threads, preferably durable against corrosion. [This is the only equipment you need to buy as new.]

Also a suitable chain and sprockets.

One or two used electrical motors 13 – 20 kW + bearing houses. Usually Junkyard-Johnny has a lot of these.

Used tyres + axels

A band-saw blade. (purchased)

If you want your saw-mill to be a deluxe model, you can also build a feed-motor to it. Any motor with a gear reducer of some sort, making the rotation slow, will do: from automated garage doors, old washing machines and similar stuff.


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