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ProVillage is a venture with an aim of establishing a community for artisans in Finland. The venture is in planning at this point and we are looking for interested participants for the project. More information can be found from the download links below. The file sizes are a result of over 130 pictures included in the material.


download button provillage ENG A general introduction of the project (PDF file 10 MB)

download button provillage ENG Follow-up I (PDF file 12 MB)

download button provillage ENG Follow-up II (PDF file 14 MB)


Concept description (PDF-file)

A description of the project in a nutshell can be downloaded from the following address:
The material has also been presented to some local decision-makers, and is pending for a decision.
We are naturally also interested in having cooperation with people and instances interested in similar ventures and ideas.


For even more information write to:

Suomeksi Suomeksi

ProVillage on hanke, jonka tarkoituksena on perustaa käsityöläistyhteisö, vaalien ympäristöystävällisiä arvoja ja rakennustapoja sekä tiedottaa yhteisön rakennusprosessista. Alla periaatteelliset näkökannat, tiedostot sisältävät yli 130 kuvaa, joten lataus saattaa kestää jonkin aikaa.


download button provillage FIN Yleinen esittely projektista (PDF-tiedosto 10 MB)

download button provillage FIN Jatko I (PDF-tiedosto 12 MB)

download button provillage FIN Jatko II (PDF-tiedosto 14 MB)


Idea pähkinäkuoressa (PDF-tiedosto)

Projektin kuvaus pähkinäkuoressa löytyy allaolevasta linkistä:
Materiaali on myös lähetetty joillekin kunnallisille päättäjille, odotellessamme päätöksiä.
Olemme luonnollisesti myös kiinnostuneita yhteistyöstä eri ihmisten ja osapuolten kanssa, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita samanlaisista hankkeista ja ideoista.

Lisätietoja saa kirjoittamalla osoitteeseen:

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This project seems really interesting. would you like me to write in romanian about it?
this hobbit village seems to me a wonderful idea.i want to know more about children’s perspective since i am involved in this field.would like to help!

Comment by scrisoarefaralitere

Dear scrisoarefaralitere!

Yes, of course we would be very glad if you can do the translations. You can choose any texts you want. What I was wondering about, was it that you wanted us to publish the material in Romanian also on our site? Or would you like to write on your blog and/or in Romanian discussion forums?
Any of these possibilities is OK with us.
What we ask is, that you would also send us the texts, including the addresses to the links, on which sites you publish our pics and/or texts.
As far as we know, all the pictures we have used are “copylefted”, which means that you can use and publish them in non-commercial-what-ever, but you have to tell who is the original creator of the picture or drawing – meaning the person and the source.

If you wish, we can also proofread your material before you publish them, in order to avoid any kinds unnecessary inconveniences.

In fact, we would be very interested in participating in different national discussion forums. Especially in Romania, as the country is a part of the EU, whose building-standards etc. we try to follow, but also because it is a not the “main-stream-language”. By this I mean that it is just like Finnish, Swedish or any one of these languages. This is linked with the fact that I am very fond of all kinds of traditional folk songs.
Just as a side topic; if the composer is not known, they are always very beautiful (and often sad) songs. You might know that we Finns have a deep relationship with the melancholic, we love it. The sadder – the better. 😉
Anyway, my friend Tero Syvänen, that has drawn all the pictures in 3D, and has also made a language training program:

Once on the site, click on a picture and you can hear a voice, (my voice), pronouncing the text that is underneath the picture. That can also be made into any language, e.g. Romanian. The best thing about making this program, you can even have children working as a team => drawing pics, photographing objects they think are important to understand. (You’ll see what I mean when you go to that page).
If you have Skype (and a headset with a microphone), we can discuss this further. The only thing about Lingvox is, that we do not have very much time at the moment. But the idea is ready, which is a big step.

OK. About the children´s amusement-park/fairy tale-forest:
– There will be all kind of houses from different fairy-tales; Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house, The Gingerbread House, The Troll’s House and maybe also The Palace of the Troll King (which architecture I can clearly see any time I listen to Grieg).
Then there will be the “The Small People´s what-ever, living Up in the Trees” [creativity and imagination – I will write the fairy tale later], and “The Pirate Ship“.

– It will be totally free of charge. We will not sell candy or pop-corn or any of that stuff in our village.
There are too many parks where everything costs and the adults ‘go broke on the first day of the vacation’, and the children are just yelling and nagging about “I-want-this-and-that”. And here too, we want to make a difference.

We will be selling food for those who want to eat, and all kinds of useful and beautiful items which the craft-persons have created. This way, the adults – and why not also children together with adults – can learn some new crafts also. (The courses will cost something, as also the crafts-persons/teachers need to eat every day).
It is essential that the child/children can be creative together with their parents, even if this happens only once a year, if/when the family lives in a block-house. The children will surely and always remember those days, hours and moments.

The main thing is that everyone can have fun and find interesting things to do, even without money. There is always work to do, things to build, fences to mend, stories to write and translate for the benefit of other people willing to participate.
Needless to say, I come from a very poor family, where my mother tried to get the ends meet. I still remember how we, the have-not-children, had to look from the other side of the fence at how fun the other children had.
Shortly told, I have been there and seen that.

(The “fences to be mend”, which I mentioned earlier, are not for keeping the children outside, but inside – so that they do not get lost into the woods.)

All in all, we hope to establish some kind of a working cooperation with you, so that we can help each other in the best possible way.

Best regards,

Henry Björklid

Comment by ProVillage

Thank you for your long&beautiful email. I think I’ll write you on your email I need to think of all the info you gave me!
I am a writer/artist/journalist.
I’ll write soon!

Comment by scrisoarefaralitere

One more thing about children:
– We will have hens, pigs, lambs and other domestic animals during their outdoor-season. The animals will be kept in various fenced areas which are built in a way that the children can easily watch them.

This is possible, as local farmers will sell their products to us and directly to the tourists. This means that they are also willing to let us show their animals, because it is in their interest to show the animals in their ‘free’ pastures.

Another one of our aims:
– A mix of giving free information about DIY (do-it-yourself) related inventions and on the other hand, information about how to recycle e.g. all kinds of domestic and industrial devices.
– How to (re-)build this or that equipment from scrap.

There will also be some “childrens work-labs”, where we ‘re-invent the quadratic wheel’, (as soon as someone figures out what that can be) 😉

This is also related to the fact, that we want people and their children to have something fun to do, even if it begins to rain.
Mostly it will be small windmills which make electricity, pumps water, grind and polish stones, “How something works or is built”, but also handmade this and that.

Keep the children out from the rain and let them do pottery, and you have moved from worries to a totally chaotic catastrophe – but the kids have fun!


Comment by ProVillage

P.S. You might wonder about our operations, and what the real catch is?

We have a policy that we do not hold back any information.
So just ask, and we can write a very long post about what the catch really is!


Comment by ProVillage

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